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Who out of us hasn’t ever needed a chat? A moment of reflection? About a topic everyone else assumes we should know about…but that we actually…don’t?

You know, the wholesome kind of soul-shifting talks and ‘confide in me’ moments that heal, restore and provide the level of clarity that you almost got tricked into believing wasn’t quite possible?

Girl…I see you. I’ve had many of those chats with people, shoot, I’ve been in need of a few of them myself - and they’ve usually been sat comfortably at the table.

When the lockdown locked us out back in 2020, so much of my time was spent thinking about the times you and I would miss; the people we wouldn’t see, the places we couldn’t go…and the God you deserved to know on a more personal and intentional level.

I’m hoping you love your own company now…because He loves yours.

I hope this small but intentional collection empowers you with a sense of ‘set aside’ time for you and yours, and enables yo auto facilitate ‘those conversations’ a little more intentionally.



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